News and Analysis 8/10/23

“Egypt provides a model for a junta that remained in the good graces of the United States”:

“They are destroying hotels, shops and homes. There is no appeal and hearing”:

The new nationalisms of Saudi and UAE include more militarism, more authoritarianism, more geostrategy, some economic initiatives, less religion:

Israeli raids are “sparking confrontations with Palestinians, during which the soldiers fired sound grenades and tear gas bombs intensively towards Palestinians”:

“My fear is that the AI Muslim tools that aim to eradicate the roots of hatred directed towards Muslims and to educate Muslims … will also eradicate the diversity that inheres within our shared religion”:

“Pakistan may now face weeks of political upheaval that could provide an opening for the country’s powerful military to seize more control while an interim caretaker government takes over”:

Americans for Peace Now “asks Biden to ‘no longer automatically [prevent] efforts to hold Israel accountable at the [UN] for its settlement activities and human rights violations against Palestinians”:

“[T]o focus completely on her conflicted relationship with Catholicism oddly fails to explore what came after her entanglement with the religion of her homeland, and the religion that eventually brought her peace”:

“According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, Iran ranked as the world’s worst jailer of journalists in 2022”:






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