News and Analysis 8/11/23

The DOS “encouraged the Pakistani government … to remove Imran Khan as prime minister over his neutrality on the Russian invasion of Ukraine” …

… and the self-styled “Islamic Republic” of Pakistan now officially equates American pressure with an Act of God (a/k/a Force Majeure):

The judge “ordered three released from prison, saying ‘the real lead conspirator was the United States’”:

“Section 702 … is meant to target non-U.S. persons abroad, but has come under controversy because of its ability to also sweep in the communications of Americans”:

As with Zionist Israel, so with the BJP’s India “bulldozers have become a major extrajudicial tool … to destroy homes, businesses, and places of worship of thousands of Muslims”:

The novelist wanted moments for her protagonist “to feel clarified and cleansed through her own religious practice and … her siblings[‘] … own, parallel journeys with their faith and healing”:

“A father of four who was present said his children are refusing to sleep alone out of fear after the incident”:

“I think that more than three days are necessary to address the multiple threats we encounter”– Palestinian journalist Duaa RuqaPalestine:

If they had just let her wear the hijab as she wished, it would have satisfied their requirement that she cover the tattoo:

“It gives the authority a new face, which is important particularly as the governors are in charge of all security matters. But it won’t change anything really.” — political analyst Jehad Harb:






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