News and Analysis 8/17/23

“[T]here were no casualties from what was one of the country’s most destructive attacks against Christians”:

“I would just like to be treated like a human being for once”:

“[T]he director-producer duo behind family drama Leila’s Brothers, will see jail time in Iran after premiering the film at last year’s Cannes Film Festival without government approval”:

“[A]s there are socially conservative societies with corrupt and autocratic leaders in th Middle East, people will want Islamist opposition groups that strive to make things better”:

“[U]nder new policy changes, any person wearing a hijab, or any religious head coverings will be allowed to keep them on through the booking process”:

“[T]he head of the Cordoba Foundation, has recently had his bank account closed, prompting renewed concern over the targeting of accounts belonging to Muslims in the UK”:

“[T]he Quranic verse, ‘Verily, God does not change the state of the people until they change themselves inwardly,’ resonates with a transformative theme that courses through the works of all the scholars examined by Purohit”:






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