News and Analysis 8/18/23

The new bill increase fines for “improper hijab” from a maximum of 500,000 rials ($11.82) to a standard 360 million rials ($8,508) with “harsher penalties for businesses, celebrities, and public figures”:

“Israel has acquiesced in Saudi Arabia enriching uranium for research” but “would not permit the opening of diplomatic representations for the Palestinians in Jerusalem”:

The colonizers and the colonized have differing perspectives on the coup that set the course for Iran place in the current Mid-East turmoil:

“This year, in Qinghai province, those did get passports had to sign official letters promising that while traveling abroad they would not complete the Hajj”:

Two American citizens found their flight cancelled because of their “Arabic, Mediterranean’ ethnicity” when the pilot “refused to fly the plane ‘with a brother named Issam on it’”:

“[W]hen women raise their voice about the rights bestowed upon them by Sharia, like share in ancestral property though not equal to men, why is there reluctance among men to grant women even that unequal share?”

Republicans would rather Americans rot in Evin Prison than let Iran have access to its own money:

“Palestinians were carrying out their weekly protests against illegal Jewish settlements after Friday prayers when Israeli forces intervened”:

“Amir-Abdollahian said … [h]is visit would “be a prelude to the meeting of the heads of the two countries”:






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  1. Curt Kastens Avatar
    Curt Kastens

    Imad (Dean)
    We are all born relatively stupid. But at least a growing number of us will not die stupid. I think that you will enjoy this link. Particularily when the speaker reveals his aha moment.

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