News and Analysis 8/20/23

The wall separates farmers’ homes form their farmland, but rather than let them through the gate more than twice a year, the army would have them drive 16 miles each way through a different gate:

Released from arrest for running off with a minor, the now adult woman married him and he was again arrested. Released again, a mob beat his parents to death …

… while forestry officials are among the mob that lynched Muslims for allegedly chopping wood illegally:

For Malaysia’s PM, the defense of citizens of minority religions is one of the duties of a state in which Islam is the religion of the state …

… yet some consider the PM officiating at a young man’s conversion to Islam  insults Hindus:

“The girls, who were all Muslim, were assembled during a morning assembly. Upon their refusal to recite Hindu prayers, they were threatened with expulsion from the school”:

“Islam not only respects other divine religions and acknowledges their rights, but also prohibits any forms of contempt towards them:

“[W]e too are wearing burkinis to say it was wrong to stop the other women from bathing’”:

“Saturday’s shooting comes the same day a Palestinian man shot by Israeli forces earlier this week during a raid in the occupied West Bank succumbed to wounds”:

A woman not permitted to take an exam because she would not remove her hijab …

… and a girl overlooked for her award on the false charge that she was absent demonstrate “the state of Modi-fied India”:

“Analysts believe the vessel’s cargo likely has been seized by American officials, though there still were no public court documents early Sunday”:






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