News and Analysis (12/27-28/08)

Single day casualties match those during the first intifada; Israeli destruction includes a Mosque they describe as a “base for terrorist activities” …:

…However, its “excessive use of force” is not likely to have positive consequences for Israel …

… even though the U.S., in an echo of its response to the 2006 Israeli slaughter in Lebanon, solely blames Hamas:

Taliban assert governmental authority imposing taxes, conscription, governors and courts:

“Anytime in Pakistan where more people blame you rather than India for the country’s problems, you are in deep, deep trouble” — Bruce Reidel, Obama transition team “terrorism adviser:”

Should children in war situations be protected or prosecuted? Human rights advicates say juveniles in Guantanamo are not “accorded the protections promised by treaties the U.S. signed:”

Viagra latest bargaining chip used to build alliances:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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