News and Analysis 8/27/23

Not satisfied with banning headscarves, Education Minister Gabriel Atta will now ban traditional Muslim dresses as well, and will not be satisfied until you are unable “to identify the pupils’ religion just by looking at them”:

Admitting that Palestine is an open-air prison, Israel’s “heritage minister” asks, “In a prison, I take someone and revoke their civil rights so that the rest of society can live in a better way. Is that apartheid?”:

“Settlers attacked citizens’ homes in the southern area of the village, under the protection of the occupation soldiers who fired stun grenades and tear gas canisters toward residents, causing suffocation to a number of them”:

“Kusman Rehim was arrested on July 14…. The main reason was that the police found a Quran in his home…. Also, he had performed Quranic recitations in people’s homes … and taken part in a Muslim wedding” — Atajurt chief Bekzat Maksutkha …

… and President Xi promises more of the same:

Israeli settlers in the Jordan Valley take 7-8 times as much water as their indigenous Palestinian herder neighbors:

“Why are you hitting him so lightly? Hit him hard,” the teacher is heard telling the children, as the boy stands crying”:

“Zionism’s goal, since before Israel’s inception, has been to displace Palestinians from their land and reduce those who remain to a struggle for basic subsistence” …

… so it is no surprise that “Israeli settlers kill Palestinians and don’t get indicted” …

… and that a “growing number of Jewish academics are using the term apartheid to describe Israel’s treatment of Palestinians”:

Board members opposed forcing marriage on thrice divorced women seeking to reconcile with their ex as a mockery of religion” but called temporary marriage a “nonissue … not practiced” in India:

“From prayerlike lyrics to tongue-in-cheek references, Islam and other religions are woven into hip-hop’s beats:






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