News and Analysis 8/29/23

“The court … said lack of electoral democracy cannot be allowed to go on indefinitely”:

“No reason was provided for the arrests. … [O]ver 5,000 Palestinians have been detained by the Israeli army since the start of this year”:

“Iran said the ‘illegal song’ was the reason for his arrest”:

As the U.S. continues to pirate Iranian oil it is no wonder that Iranian Parliament security committee leader Vahid Jalalzadeh says, “We do not trust the Americans”:

With the adhan granted the same status as church bells, Mayor Adams said that Muslim New Yorkers “will not live in the shadows of the American dream”:

“Smotrich, who lives in an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank,” on taxpayer money feigns concern that letting Palestinians have their share of budget funds “was prompting crime among Palestinian communities” …

… but in reality, “Israel’s far-right government has set an all-time record this year for approval of illegal settlement construction in the Occupied West Bank and for the legitimisation of illegal outposts”:






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