News and Analysis 9/1/23

“By falsely labeling all critics as Muslim Brotherhood shills, the Egyptian president shows how scared he really is”:

“The Israeli prime minister’s office declined to comment on the allegation, though it comes amid a yearslong effort by both Israel and the U.S. to target Iran”:

“Burning books, instead of criticizing them, is what barbarians do,” but “the Qur’an itself does not call for banning; it tells Muslims to respond to mockery of their religion by simply showing patience and staying away”:

Among the women highly regarded in Islam are one successful in business, an insightful diplomatic advisor, one who fought in a critical battle, and, of course, the mother of Jesus (PBUH):

“Gabon’s late ruler Omar Bongo converted to Islam in 1973 …, making the once powerful Bongo family Muslims in a country where only a small minority of the population follow Islam”:

“Sophia Johnston says deputies broke her spirit and violated her religious rights”:

As Israeli accelerates its oppression …

… even to attempting censorship over a prestigious American university …

… and destabilizes the region …

… settler/soldier violence continues:

The government has shut down “the main body in the region that defended the rights and freedom of the press”:






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