News and Analysis 9/3/23

“In Israeli courts, justice and mercy are only for Jews”:

Allegations against the reporters have not been detailed:

“Even though less than 5% of the people who cross the U.S.-Mexico border are from Muslim-majority countries, … more than 60% of the people charged in these cases are from those countries”:

Some students fear standing their ground will jeopardize their education, but others insist, “Secularism is precisely about allowing individuals to dress as they want. It’s respecting everyone’s freedom”:

“The teacher reportedly said to the students: ‘This is not your country; this is the country of Hindus. You should go to Pakistan. You are our slaves forever”:

Harouni was “placed under house arrest from Saturday evening, one day before he was to take part in a meeting to prepare the party’s congress scheduled in October”:

“There have not been this many Palestinians in administrative detention since the First Intifada of the late 1980s-early 1990s”:

Alireza Enayati “did not directly comment when asked about Saudi Arabia’s ongoing talks to potentially normalise relations with Iran’s arch foe Israel”:

“[G]uarantees of freedom of expression are given meaning and power specifically by safeguarding hateful and offensive acts of expression and speech, provided they pose no risk of physical harm”:






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