News and Analysis 9/6/23

Not content to emasculate its own judiciary, Israel seems to want to control Britain’s:

Justice Amir Shaked “found ‘no reasonable explanation’ for why the markings appeared on Sheikh Ali’s cheek and how all 16 bodycams were not working” …

… and a settler “filmed harassing a Palestinian child and his pregnant mother” was invited to counter ‘negative perceptions of the Israeli army” …

… and the Israeli forces reek destruction and death on a refugee camp:

“Most girls … agreed to dress differently and were able to start classes.However, 67 girls refused to comply and were sent home”:

“[T]he Hindu right has been explicit in its aspiration to emulate Israel’s approach to Palestinians”:

“Umerov hails from the Muslim Tatar community in Crimea that largely resisted the Black Sea peninsula’s annexation by Russia in 2014”:

Their policies are the same; the difference between Gvir and Herzl is that Herzl believed “the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly”:

“Critics remain unimpressed, noting that demoting religious officials does not diminish the violence of the Saudi state”:

“Islam actually promotes existence in a multicultural environment” — President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali:






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