News and Analysis 9/12/23

Chris Van Hollen and Brian Schatz spearheaded the letter noting that Israel is not eligible for the program because it does not treat all American citizens equally:

Veltman”told police he wanted to “send a strong message” against Muslim immigration”:

“16-year-old Milad Munther Al-Ra’i was shot in the back and chest during confrontations in the camp”:

The falsity of Canada’s claim that the Hague convention prohibits Islamic adoption is demonstrated by the fact that other signatories allow such adoptions:

Facebook allowed “Ukrainians to condemn the violence committed by Russian forces and calling for their denunciation, [but] they do the opposite in the case of Palestine” …

… and “Facebook usually complies with the requests and Israel’s security apparatus follows up cases, including bringing court cases if need be”:

“These funds will be moved to restricted accounts in Qatar, and the United States will have oversight as to how and when these funds are used”:

“The humiliation of Palestinian women by Israeli soldiers in the occupied city of Al-Khalil (Hebron) on 10 July was not the first such episode. Sadly, it will not be the last”:

“[H]hundreds of families displaced from the camp have taken shelter in nearby mosques, schools and the Sidon municipality building”:






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