News and Analysis (12/29/08)

Humanitarian crisis rapidly deteriorating:

Rather than his promise for change, Obama’s policy quickly resembling that of the Bush Administration:

Israeli strategy hopes to avoid empowering Hamas in the way they empowered Hezbollah in 2006 (we have our doubts) …

… but may have opened the door for militants outside Palestine to call for volunteers to defend Gaza:

More twisted than Scorcese’s “The Departed,” the “War on Drugs” comes into conflict with the “War on Terrorism” (and informant on terrorists goes to jail for dealing drugs):

Critics cite trial timing as political spectacle to build support for al-Maliki’s coalition government:

The unIslamic practice of female circumcision remains widespread among Kurds (but not Iraqi Arabs), affecting more than 60% of women in Northern Iraq:

Entrepreneurship thrives with best selling model “Bye Bye Bush”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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