News and Analysis 9/15/23

“[H]ow much has the intervention in 2011 changed the nature of Libyan society?”

The “backing of the international community and the Israeli regime, … [yielded] governance based on patronage and corruption that had little tolerance for internal dissent”:

Only “a tiny percentage of the people who cross the southern border without authorization” but more than 60% of those charged:

In 38 of the 40 cases, the IHRA-defined “accusations of antisemitism have been rejected. The final two have yet to be substantiated”:

Are Iran and France different or sadly similar?

“Smotrich has moved swiftly to approve thousands of new settler homes and legalise unauthorised outposts in the occupied areas”:

European concerns include Iranian military support of Russia against Ukraine as well as Tehran’s noncompliance with the nuclear accord first violated by the United States:

Just hours after Wael al-Zurd celebrated “his son’s academic achievements in a social media post,” he wept before the boy’s grave:






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