News and Analysis 9/25/23

Settler violence exacerbates apartheid restrictions against “building homes, agricultural structures or public buildings” and connecting “to the water and power grids”:

“In the recent podcast by PBD, not a single verse was presented to show that apostates deserve to be killed?–?nor will they find such verse”:

“The restrictions, including “a lengthy, bureaucratic regime of permits”, often makes it hard to provide timely life-saving healthcare to Palestinians”:

The Court demanded an investigation into “the case of a seven-year-old Muslim child, who was slapped repeatedly by his classmates on the directions of school principal”:

A report in the newspaper Elaph says that the Netanyahu government “is unwilling to make any concessions to the Palestinians, therefore ruling out any possibility of normalization”:

“Robots can’t replace senior clerics, but they can be a trusted assistant that can help them issue a fatwa in five hours instead of 50 days”:

Israeli violence continues:

“Novakovich was forced to unveil her face by an abusive ex-partner, who felt uncomfortable about the Islamophobic comments she received while wearing the niqab when out in public”:






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