News and Analysis 9/28/23

“The lawsuit … accuses the US of failing to adhere to the law …, namely by allowing Israel to discriminate against Americans entering Israel and the occupied West Bank”:

Meta staff in India reportedly … expressed concern that local employees ‘could be imprisoned for treason’”:

“B’Tselem says Israel is using settler pogroms to carry out the forcible transfer of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank – a war crime under international law”:

An “officer was recorded on body cameras making statements such as: ‘Muslims lie a lot’ and ‘Muslim men are paedophiles’”:

The idea was first proposed by the PLO fifty years ago, but “Israel has refused to grant Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip equal rights”:

“About 70% of the incidents took place in states scheduled to hold elections in 2023 and 2024” and “[a]bout 80% of those events took place in areas governed by” the BJP …

…. case in point:

The Waqf overseeing the cemetery “condemned the act of ‘desecration’ by Jewish extremists, claiming that they danced on Muslim graves under police protection”:

To avoid interest, Muslims buy their home over time paying rent on their own house and premiums 50% more than the interest would have cost:

“During the period covered by the report, the Israeli military killed 68 Palestinians, including 18 children, and wounded 2,830 more”:

… and “amid stepped-up international efforts by Egypt and the United Nations to defuse tensions and prevent a new round of armed conflict in” Gaza:






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