News and Analysis 10/5/23

“Aliyev had wanted his ally Turkey to be represented at the meeting, but that France and Germany had objected:

Israelis have never hidden their contempt for Muslims, but after a public display of contempt for Christian worshippers, even the State Department “unequivocally condemns such despicable acts”:

As settler-soldier violence continues …

… Israel prevents Britain’s foreign secretary from viewing the evidence:

Witnesses accuse officers of beating the girl into a coma, but her parents accept the state’s account that she hit her head while falling from a drop in blood pressure:

Rachid Ghannouchi represents Muslims who give a “greater priority to overturn authoritarianism and despotism than to insist on [their] own interpretation in every particular context”:

The accused murderer’s manifesto is called “A White Awakening” and “outlines his hatred of Islam and opposition to multiculturalism and mass immigration”:

“British Jewish groups quickly issued statements condemning Hall and defending Khan, who is London’s first Muslim mayor”:

The “confidential files … allegedly expose financial transactions and personal details of journalists who purportedly received bribes from the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu”:






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