News and Analysis 10/11/23

Israel tells Gaza, “No more Mr. Nice Guy,” and then somehow manages to make its siege even more inhumane ….

… but the attention to Gaza doesn’t impede Israel’s continues violence in the West Bank:

Journalists @SMArikat, @MaxBlumenthal, and @samhusseini confront Blinken’s hypocritical echo of Israeli propaganda:

Israel was surprised by the violence from Gaza as the Nazi’s were surprised by the violence from Warsaw:

Without Western political support and media complicity “Israel could never have gotten away with its crimes” — Jonathan Cook:

“Although Iran has long supported Hamas with material and financial support, we have not currently seen anything to suggest Iran supported or was behind the attack”:

CAIR and JVP protest two school districts’ emails to “students, families, and community members with “one-sided language”supporting Israel:

Notoriously unconcerned over under-representation of women in science, Larry Summers is very concerned that Harvard students oppose apartheid:

Under Islamic law dowry is paid by the groom to the bride, not by the bride’s family to the groom:

“The U.S. admission never translated into compensatory action or a genuine commitment to refrain from future interference, nor did it change its … policy” — Iranian mission to UN:






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