News and Analysis 10/13/23

Israel orders Gazans to crowd into the southern part of the small area so it can level their homes, businesses and farms into the Stone Age with impunity:

With violence in Brooklyn and the threat of violence in Dearborn …

… authorities fear more violence:

Biden understands this in the case of Russia-Ukraine, but gets it backwards in Isreal-Palestine: the occupied has the right of self-defense against the occupier, not the opposite …

… but neither is entitled to commit war crimes:

“When Palestinian Americans like Shireen Abu Akleh and Alex Odeh are murdered by Israel, the FBI does nothing about it. But when we protest injustice by Israel, the FBI knocks on our doors”:

“[Y]ou don’t need an army of 360,000 troops to reoccupy Gaza. This is the greatest number of reserves called up in the history of the country.” What is Netanyahu really planning? …

… After 9/11 Israel manipulated us into an unrelated  war in Iraq; will it now use “Israel’s 9/11” to push us into a war in Iran?

For American religious leaders to maintain positive interfaith relations at this moment may require consistent application of common ethical mandates:

The move signals “a rapid rethinking of its foreign policy priorities as war escalates between Israel and Palestinian group Hamas”:

The production company rep “says she wants ‘authenticity of voice’ but reshapes [the] narrative to fit her news agenda around Muslim men’s apparent threat to society”:






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