News and Analysis 10/22/23

Politicians and media reports misrepresenting a call for protests as a call for violence caused the landlord to fear his tenant “was going to call Palestinian friends to come and harm them”:

“[T]he Israeli military had called and texted the hospital managers at least three times since Saturday, asking its patients and staff to leave the hospital compound”:

The message to anyone opposing Israel’s genocide in Gaza: ““Your support for terrorism is being watched and recorded. Good luck finding [a] job in the future”:

The order to move south was an Israeli trap; “the bombing in the south is constant”:

“[S]ome people only want to see the world as us vs them. And writing is the only way I know how to fight. And writing is the only way I know how to grieve”:

Around the U.S. and around the world, people take to the streets against genocide:

The journalists “were sentenced to 13 and 12 years in prison respectively on charges, including collaboration with the U.S. government and acting against national security”:

“On October 19, Instagram apologized for inserting the word “terrorist” into automatically translated bios of Palestinian users”:

“Iran, Turkey, Russia and Georgia[,] Azerbaijan and Armenia in Tehran on Monday … to talk about regional issues ‘without the interference of non-regional and Western countries’”:






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