News and Analysis (12/30/08)

With children among the victims, Israel defends its “kill them all” policy with the argument that “everything is connected and everything supports terrorism against Israel,” ignoring the fact that “the original, legal owners of the Israeli land on which Hamas rockets are detonating live in Gaza,” and boasting the bloodshed is only the first of “several stages”:

Twenty Israelis killed by Palestinian rockets in 8 years and over 350 Palestinians killed in four days; “Yes, Israel deserves security. But these bloodbaths will not bring it:”

Israel’s closest Muslim ally will no longer mediate:

As moderate Islamists prepare to combat al-Shabab, a group designated terrorist by the U.S.:

As supplies to U.S. and NATO forces are suspended, the U.S. agrees to an Afghani plan that may revive the local militias:

Will a paranoid attempt to control Muslim NGOs create extremism where it has failed to take root until now?






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