News and Analysis 10/24/23

Whether it is ethnic cleansing or genocide, you can’t pretend you didn’t see it coming:

Whom the bombs don’t kill, the fuel cutoff will:

As Hamas releases two more of the hostages that provide the excuse for Israeli Gaza bombardment which has killed over 5,000 including 2,000 children …

… Israeli seized 51 more hostages in the decidedly not Hamas-controlled West Bank:

A “number of writers and critics announced on social media that they planned to ax their own appearances at 92NY”:

The ICC “seems ‘very slow’ when it comes to Palestine, says Ben Saul, an international law expert set to take over as UN special rapporteur next month”:

An intelligence analyst explains what Hamas expected from its attack, and says so far everything is according to plan, blaming Israel’s unpreparedness on AI:

“I think a lot of adults are coming to conversations preparing to argue, preparing to attack the other person. And I think that’s why we’re seeing them fail” …

… “If you watch TV, you would think no Arab and no Jew get along, but that’s not true. Don’t fall for the stereotype. There is so much ignorance about ‘the other’”:

“At the same time, the police allowed Jewish fanatics to enter the Muslim holy compound in the morning to walk around and hold rituals freely”:






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