News and Analysis 10/27/23

Avoiding criticism of the released hostage herself, some Israelis wish she had been denied a platform, or at least restricted as to what she was allowed to say:

“There have been similar attacks in the past where soldiers crossed into Gaza. What makes this one unusual is that it is the first time that tanks have been involved”:

Gaza’s healthcare system collapses, social services crumble, and sewage fills the streets:

“Among those killed in the first four days of the offensive alone are at least 12 health workers and seven journalists“:

… and “other journalists also fear their families could be targeted solely for them doing their job”:

If the UN doesn’t realize that Israel is above the law, Israel knows what to do:

A physics professor has again been taken hostage by the IDF:

Young people speaking out for Palestinians …

… are joined by a one city …

… but one governor moves to silence them …

… as some European states silence criticism of Israeli :

“A senior American official … emphasized that the U.S. did not coordinate the air strikes in Syria in advance with Israel. ‘These strikes have nothing to do with Israel or the conflict in Gaza’”:

“[W]hen first confronted by Czuba over the violence in the Holy Land, she told him, ‘Let’s pray for peace.’ ‘He didn’t give her time. He then attacked her with a knife’”:






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