News and Analysis 10/29/23

“One of the bakeries that Israel bombed in Nuseirat refugee camp had just received a shipment of flour from UNRWA meant to cover the food needs of the entire camp”:

As a macroanalysis of reliable reports “reveals, with high confidence, that the munition that struck the al-Ahli Hospital … was fired from Israeli territory by Israeli forces” …

… Israeli threatens yet another hospital, this one with “hundreds of patients and more than 12,000 displaced civilians”:

The Israeli slaughter machine, which had killed a Palestinian a day before the Hamas attack of October 7, has killed over 8,000 Gazans and 100 in the West Bank since:

“His colleagues later broke the news to viewers that Al-Dahdouh’s family members had been killed”:

“I regret that instead of a critically needed humanitarian pause, supported by the international community, Israel has intensified its military operations” — Antonio Guterres:

Issues of context “such as occupation and how the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, helped keep Hamas in power” are difficult:

As Israeli terrorism becomes more undeniable, protests grow:

“The West is trying not only to stifle but to criminalise all Palestinian dissent”:

The “jobs argument” is an attempt circumvent the criticism that Biden’s other shameful and hypocritical justifications for spending $100 billion more on war might provoke:






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