News and Analysis 10/31/23

The Gaza massacre continues:

In the West Bank, IDF destroys a mosque while settler violence reaches record levels:

An :open letter entitled ‘2023 Ceasefire Ultimatum’ … pledged to mobilize Muslim voters to ‘withhold endorsement, support, or votes for any candidate who endorses the Israeli offensive against the Palestinian people’”:

“[Y]ou wouldn’t know this from watching mainstream media”:

The Israelis will not tolerate criticism, whether from a city councilman or a the U.N. Secretary-General:

Among the 1680 people detained since Oct, 7 are “49 women, 13 lawmakers, and 17 journalists, and 80 percent of them were slammed with administrative detention orders,” i.e., taken hostage:

“A small group of Harvard University students are going out of their way to get intellectually uncomfortable, so they can engage in some important dialogue about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict taking place right now”:

“In order to counter armed resistance, Israel has to demonstrate that non-violent resistance works, Zakaria said”:

After the CUNY chancellor refused Inna Vernikov’s demand he close the university for a week, the NYC councilman brought visible gun to a counter-demonstration to SJP peaceful demonstration:






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