News and Analysis (12/31/08)

Olmert vows to continue warfare until “all goals are achieved” claiming, “Israel has restrained for years and given plenty of chances for a calm”:

We say Obama’s apologetic for Israel is worse than silence:

Israeli action polarizes Muslim communities, challenging alliances and further hindering the ultimate goal of peace:

Spokesman for the most frequent violator of international law states, “Israel would never have done anything against international law, that is inconceivable” in defending ramming of a boat carrying a former Congresswoman:

US military finally held to the American judicial standard, requiring arrest warrants on suspects:

Innocent continue to suffer with hospitals increasingly understaffed and under-supplied:

Mostafa Hosni offers a modern, pragmatic interpretation of Islam compatible with Western culture:

Two years of the interim military government has come to an end [disclosure: Shaikh Hasina’s daughter serves on the Minaret of Freedom Institute’s board of directors]:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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