News and Analysis 11/6/23

At the Palestine Festival of Literature event “But We Must Speak: On Palestine and the Mandates of Conscience,” Noora Erakat captures the multi-faceted perspective of a teacher, an attorney, a Palestinian, and a mother:

As the genocide in Gaza continues …

… Israel kills a journalist’s family in Lebanon …

… and continues its crackdown on nonviolent resistance leaders and other civilians in the West Bank:

Members of the Israeli government are on the terrorism watch list:

“An estimated 300,000 demonstrators shut down the streets of D.C. in the largest Palestine protest in United States history, calling for a ceasefire and an end to the genocide in Gaza”:

“The dehistoricisation of what is happening helps Israel pursue genocidal policies in Gaza”:

Biden’s refusal to support a cease-fire puts him at odds with the 66% of the American people who do:

Republicans don’t want Muslims disaffected with the Democrats to turn to them:

Anwar “said the silver lining of the crisis is that the Israel-Palestine conflict is being openly discussed in Western countries on an unprecedented scale”:

Muslim military chaplains explains why they serve in an organization that has often been used to kill their brothers and sisters abroad:






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