News and Analysis 11/10/23

Israel gave the reporter “20 minutes to evacuate his house with about 30 members of his family … [warning him] “that we are bombing the house”:

“The course was designed and taught by Nathan Thrall, a Jewish American writer and researcher who lives in Jerusalem”:

“The Israeli police detained former Arab MKs for organising an anti-war protest in Nazareth”:

“The Democrats said CASA — which opened its statement by condemning the Hamas attack — overlooked the militants’ efforts to kill Jews” but they themselves “made no mention of the over 10,000 Palestinian casualties of Israel’s retaliatory war on Gaza”:

“Senior Metropolitan Police officers are regular attendees at a think tank closely tied to Israel’s military and intelligence services and have accepted hospitality from its embassy in London” …

… and the “discovery of a large number of transport flights could make defence secretary Grant Shapps, who is in charge of the UK military, vulnerable to questioning by the International Criminal Court (ICC)”:

Israel trues to defend it war crimes against hospitals with the unproven and in any case insufficient claim that Hamas has its headquarters in the basement:

Revulsion at the genocide continues to mount:

“[S]ources said the Israeli prime minister rejected the deal outright in negotiations soon after Hamas militants staged an unprecedented incursion into Israeli territory” …

… as Israel has taken over 2,200 Palestinians hostages in the West Bank since October 7:

“The myth that the Zionist found a desert and ‘bloomed’ it … is nonsense.  Palestine had a vibrant society”:






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