News and Analysis 11/12/23

Israel’s war on hospitals continues:

Israel’s war on free speech on U.S. campuses continues:

“[E]ven if members are not speaking up for a cease-fire, the calls and the letters are making a difference. They’re changing the calculations of how far some members are willing to go to support Israel” — unidentified Congressional staffer:

“Anger over the campaign’s enormous civilian collateral is increasingly directed at the United States, not just at Israel”:

“The thing that hurts so bad is that the weapons get paid for with our tax money.They’re using our tax money to kill our loved ones” — a Palestinian-American voter in Michigan:

The “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which enables the U.S. government to gather vast amounts of intelligence — including about U.S. citizens — under the broad category of foreign intelligence information, without first seeking a warrant”:

From 2000-October 6, 2023 Israel killed 10,751 Palestinians. In the less than five weeks since Oct. 6 it has killed 10,790:

While hundreds of thousands marched peacefully i London against genocide, “police and far right counter-protestors clashed at the Cenopath in Whitehall”:

“Even before its big push into Jenin on Thursday, the Israeli army had been levelling the streets with armoured bulldozers for several days”:






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