News and Analysis 11/18/23

Not satisfied to slaughter innocents …

… Israel now destroys a memorial to innocents it has slaughtered in the past:

“By casting reporters as Hamas accomplices, Israel seeks to discredit critical coverage—and to justify unprecedented violence against Palestinian journalists”:

Israel extends the war in hospitals to the West Bank:

Israel has been accusing Hamas of a well-documented Israeli practice:

Victims of the Zionist war on free speech on American campuses fight back …

… but in Germany the government resorts to increasing

“A central concern of this initiative is its potential use for profiling and suppression, potentially supported by automated decision-making”:

Blinken pleads with Benny Gantz “to de-escalate tensions in the West Bank” …

… even as the U.S. continues to provide the apartheid state with weapons of genocide:

Israel can’t support its claims that ash-Shia Hospital is a Hamas command base, and the U.S. refuses to:

In “a return to a long-term trend that has split the [Democratic] party, … the number of young voters who were more sympathetic to Israelis than Palestinians fell from 41 percent to 29 percent” in the past month:






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