News and Analysis 11/30/23

As Hamas continues to release Israeli hostages, Israel continues to abduct Palestinian hostages faster than it releases them …

… and continues to violate the truce with impunity:

Unsatisfied with destroying hospitals, Israel has laid waste to Gaza’s premiere performing arts theater and cultural center:

“The mass slaughter of media workers is a horror within a horror. Where is the outcry from the global journalistic community?”

The slaughter in the West Bank continues:

How Israel sabotaged the plan for 2021 Palestinian elections:

Among the hostages released by Israel is a champion of the peaceful resistance, branded by an Israeli soldier as “the most dangerous woman to Israel’s security”:

We appreciate the sentiment, Senator, but what about the other 10.5 million we send to Israel every day?

The appalling civilian toll of Israel’s bombardment is not an unintended but unavoidable example of “collateral damage,” but the calculated consequence of a deliberate policy to “shock” Palestinian civil society …

… and some who say “Never again” actually mean it …

… and those governments (state and academic) that pretend that they don’t see are out of step with those they govern:






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