News and Analysis 12/1/23

Surprising no one, Israel places a higher priority on killing Palestinians than on seeing its POWs released:

“Israeli officials had access to a 40-page document, code-named ‘Jericho Wall,’ which spelled out Hamas’ plan for the attack,” but refused to believe that Hamas could pull it off:

Palestinians prisoners “have described being hit with sticks, having muzzled dogs set on them, and their clothes, food and blankets taken away[, being] …threatened with rape, and inmates tear-gassed inmates inside the cells” …

… and one of the 31 “women and children women and children who were freed in the sixth prisoner exchange swap,” alleges “blackmail by Israeli forces to have her father killed” to prevent her from speaking out …

… but taking children captive for “interrogation[,] … abuse, coercion, and torture” is nothing new for thge Israeli state:

Israel used doctors as hostages “in what one Palestinian medic called a ‘war on hospitals’” …

… while leaving newborns “on their own [to die] after medical staff were forcibly evacuated”:

“Advocates for AR 13-025, as well as student government leaders, expressed confusion about” the excuse for the shutdown, insisting the official procedure was duly followed:

Law students, lawyers, artists, celebrities and public figures are refusing to be silenced and journalists refuse to stop doing their jobs in the face of the Zionist war on free speech:

Defenders of Israel’s “right to defend itself” are not only wrong as a matter of law but ignore “Israel’s long and bloody history of colonial theft and illegal occupation that birthed Hamas in the first place” …

… but leaders of Israel’s ruling coalition are perfectly open about their genocidal objectives:

Hastings, “a straight shooter who has provided a balanced account of conditions in Gaza for Palestinians, while drawing attention to the need for Hamas to release hostages” is unacceptable to Israel:

“From opposing fascism in WWII to mobilizing against apartheid South Africa and the CONTRA war, the UAW has consistently stood for justice across the globe” — UAW President Shawn Fai:






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