News and Analysis 1/6/24

The suit “details many specific examples of what it outlines as ‘direct and public incitement to commit genocide by Israeli state officials’” as well “as one of the ‘heaviest conventional bombing campaigns’ in the history of modern warfare”:

“The Intelligence Ministry said its agents seized explosive devices and raw material, explosive vests, remote-control devices, detonators and thousand of pellets used in explosive vests” in connection with the terrorist attack that killed nearly 100:

“Nasrallah said that if his group didn’t strike back for the killing Tuesday of Saleh Arouri, Hamas’ deputy political leader, all of Lebanon would be vulnerable to Israeli attacks”:

“You’re okay with someone mindlessly mouthing an oath only to betray every promise they’ve ever made, but me internalizing my oath, committing a prayer between myself and God in honor of that very oath is a problem for you?”:

“On average, the number of children being killed every day in the enclave ‘is well over 100’” — a Doctors Without Borders doctor”:

Eliyahu invoked the U.S. nuclear attack on Japan as a precedent to defeat Palestinians “and break their morale”:

This 2020 video from the Great Museums series, “contains artworks from all over the Islamic world and … interviews with world-renowned curators and experts”:

No one claimed responsibility for the assassination deputy secretary of the Sunni Ulema Council:

“The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party … claimed that over 20,000 of their members have been jailed in recent months”:






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