News and Analysis 1/8/24

The expansion of the Gaza war troubles the U.S.:

The resignations of Presidents Gay and Liz Magill send a “signal [that] has gone far and wide and surely helps explain Joe Biden’s passivity too in the face of Israeli war crimes”:

As Blinken expresses antipathy for “comments made by some Israeli ministers last week advocating for the resettlement of Palestinians outside of Gaza” …

… Israel’s president denies that the ministers comments reflect Israeli policy, in contradiction to the facts on the ground, and defends their right to free speech with no hint of irony at Zionist attacks on free speech on American campuses …

… as the Modern Language Association calls for the immediate defense of free speech on campus, specifically including rejection of “the characterization of pro-Palestinian speech or critiques of the Israeli state as invariably antisemitic”:

Israel’s war on journalists can no longer be ignored by the mainstream media …

… yet “the top US diplomat has not held Israel accountable for killing journalists in Gaza”:

“Anti-Zionism … was a creation of Jews, not their enemies”:

American Muslims and Arab Americans have never voted as a block; the Gaza genocide may change that:

“The victim, who is now in her 40s, was pregnant when she was brutally gang-raped in 2002 in western Gujarat state during communal … riots [that] have long hounded Modi, who was Gujarat’s top elected official at the time”:

“[O]nce exiled from Indonesia and banned from the United States, Prabowo … now brands himself as the man who will usher in a new era for famously non-aligned Indonesia during a time of deep crises rocking the international order”:






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