News and Analysis 1/21/24

“The ICJ will likely rule that the provisional relief burden has been met, because the Israeli acts in Gaza are so well-documented, as is the apparent genocidal intent of Israeli officials leading the war”:

A “review of internal state department documents shows special mechanisms have been used to shield Israel from US human rights laws”:

A fatal strike on Iranian military advisors and Syrian troops in Syria is followed by an attack on the American military in Iraq:

As the slaughter continues …

… another young American victim of the Israeli death machine goes unmourned by the US national media:

Gun control is about defending those in power. Case in point:

Oppression drives “the worst wave of violence for almost 20 years … sweeping the West Bank”:

“A leader within the coalition of pro-Iranian groups denied there were any commanders from the IRGC or Hezbollah on the ground in Yemen right now,” saying, “They came and helped the Houthis and left”:

Mosques, churches, cultural centers, marketplaces, and historic and heritage sites are all targets for Israel’s terrorist rampage …

… and the “biggest hospital still partly working in Gaza … has been receiving hundreds of wounded patients every day … [and] fears it could be forced to close because of Israeli bombardments and evacuation orders”:

Iran “says its space program, like its nuclear activities, is for purely civilian purposes. However, … involvement of the Guard in the launches, as well as it being able to launch the rocket from a mobile launcher, raise concerns for the West”:






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