News and Analysis (3/28/13)

“An Egyptian court postponed on Tuesday a ruling on whether President Mohamed Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood is illegal, agreeing to the Islamist group’s request for more time to present evidence in a case that has put it on the defensive” …

… but the government may have to postpone the parliamentary elections, meeting one of the demands of the opposition:

“The Siac judge … said the diplomatic assurances obtained by May were insufficient to prove that torture-based evidence would not be admitted in any retrial. He said the risk would remain until Jordan amended its code of criminal practice or” there was some other proof ‘to a high standard that the statements were not obtained by torture'”:

Mamdouh Hamamreh, a reporter for the Hamas-linked Al-Quds TV” was sentenced for “a photo montage on his Facebook page back in 2010 [that] showed Abbas next to a TV villain. The villain was an informer for French colonial rulers and the photo caption read: ‘They’re alike.’ Hamamreh denied he posted the photo”:

The young man whose family was displaced by the American military intervention in Afghanistan is admired even by “active members of the Afghan security forces” for killing two American soldiers as retribution for Terry Jones’ Qur’an-burning, but a local imam objects, “We can’t point the gun at our guest’s forehead…. Islam doesn’t allow us to do this”:

“If Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, came to my house, he wouldn’t check the meat[,]” says the Muslim bikini model, but her father would:

In Syria related developments, the opposition opens an embassy in Qatar, Turkeyd enies mass deprttaions of refugees, Tunisia may have become a route for militants into Syria and elsewhere, and Iran has a plan to keep its supply lines to Lebanon and the Palestinians open even if Assad should fall:

“France’s leadership had pledged to pull out quickly after launching a military operation in the West African country in January. French-led forces quickly pushed al-Qaida-linked fighters out of Malian cities…. But pockets of resistance remain” …

… and they are welcome according to the new American-trained military ruler,whose first year in office has not gone well:

As anti-Muslim riots continue to spread in the Buddhist-majority country, with a mosque destroyed and many Muslim homes ransacked, Myanmar’s president warns that he cannot tolerate the situation must longer:

“It must have been a twisted mind that said those things” – Nazir Ahmed, referring to himself:

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