News and Analysis 1/24/24

The extremist “call to abandon the captives in Gaza shocked the families who had been there” causing one to object, “If the Prime Minister won’t return the kidnapped – there won’t be a nation of Israel. It won’t have a right”:

“Free-speech defenders welcomed the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to take up a lawsuit that outlandishly claimed a civil society group provided “material support” for terrorism by advocating for Palestinian human rights”:

The court granted a motion to hear the case “that Biden, Blinken, and Austin have failed to live up to their legal responsibilities under the 1948 Genocide Convention and the Genocide Convention Implementation Act” …

… “Outdoing his Republican predecessor, U.S. President Joe Biden is actively abetting Israel’s unbridled assault on Gaza, rejecting the very notion of a ceasefire and even bypassing Congress to deliver more weapons”:

After “Israeli soldiers … died when the blast from a rocket-propelled grenade triggered explosives they were laying to blow up buildings” …

… Israeli troops “stormed al-Khair hospital and were arresting medical staff, … just inside the safe zone at Mawasi, where the Israeli military had said it would not carry out operations” …

… and air-strikes targeted the Red Crescent HQ:

His lawyer says that “the final verdict of retribution was overturned by the first branch of the Supreme Court in the retrial. Since then, no equivalent branch has issued a verdict. No other verdict has been communicated to us”:

“This unacceptable act undermines years of co-operation… at a time when the region is already grappling with the danger of expanding conflict” —  Major General Yehia Rasool, a spokesman for Prime Minister Sudani:

“[T]he raising of the temple stands at the center of a profoundly bigoted political project pursued by India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, and his Bharatiya Janata Party … [c]onceived by admirers of European fascism“:

No need to speculate what Hamas intended on Oct. 7.  Here it is in their own words:

“[T]here are hardly any signs that a (new) government would represent a sea change when it comes to relations with the Palestinians, or be more inclined to work towards peace based on a two-state solution”:






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