News and Analysis 1/26/24

The ICJ did not call on Israel to stop its military operations, only to comply with the Genocide Convention to which it is a signatory and to allow humanitarian aid to Gaza, yet Israel says no …

… the consequences will be global:

Israel’s policy to starve Gazans …

… has left a woman feeding her children on the roadside in the cold with thousands of other strangers around her” …

… and a man feeding his children animal feed …

“Fifteen shops, including those belonging to street vendors, were demolished in the Muslim-dominated Haidary Chowk area of Mira Road by state authorities on 23 January”:

“[L]ess than 20 percent of Gaza’s territory is now a refuge for more than 1.5 million people living in desperate conditions”:

The disqualification of so highly qualified a candidate from the powerful Assembly of Experts demonstrates that those “in control and are not interested in sharing power with anyone”:

“[W]orking within the framework of the state … ‘48 Palestinians … protest … solely for the overturning … particular law[s], but never … [the] settler colonial state”:

“An Israeli army officer has told MEE that ‘Netanyahu and his far-right war cabinet are not planning to withdraw from Gaza’” …

… instead, they are widening the war:

“The requirement to explain scars when you’re a population that’s been subjected to relentless bombardment, which Canada itself may be contributing to through … — it’s absurd, it’s unconscionable””:

“Iran’s mission to the United Nations did not immediately respond to a request for comment”:






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