News and Analysis 2/2/24

“The bodies were removed from graves created by citizens in the shelter center [school], and they were abused and searched [by Israeli forces]”:

As Iran and the U.S. continue to teeter at the brink of war …

As American money continues to fund settler violence, the Biden administration imposes “financial sanctions and visa bans … against four individuals:

“What was once a one-way street heading north is now a two-lane highway with some people heading south out of France”:

“If Putin is operating out of China, this web is more tangled than we could have possibly realized”:

Indian Muslims feel further threatened after the bulldozing of a centuries old mosque in New Delhi:

“It’s sad when people protesting genocide are shunned from antiracism demos by people apparently supporting this genocide, but not new or surprising” …

… and not even a rock legend is safe from Zionist persecution:

In Gaza the slaughter continues:






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