News and Analysis 2/7/24

Is the other shoe about to drop?

Her son says that “Samaher Esmail, raised in New Orleans” has been kidnapped by the IDF, “blindfolded, and taken in handcuffs”:

As the suppression of Palestinian support continues …

… here are welcome developments:

The Times found over 50 videos “showing the use of bulldozers, excavators and explosives to destroy what appear to be houses, schools and other civilian buildings”:

“Eighteen-year-old was refused entry clearance to join his family in UK despite previous successful applications to visit”:

Netanyahu “has promised his people that they can prosper without peace … [and] continue to occupy Palestinian lands forever at little domestic or international cost”:

The strategy against Iran is not going well for the U.S. or the region:

Can the Israeli and Palestinian hostages be released before Israel expands its genocide to Rafah?

“The (peace plan), if the technical teams agree, will be signed as soon as possible”:






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