News and Analysis 2/9/24

Israel expands its genocide into the zone it pretended to be a refuge for civilians:

Along with tens of thousands murdered in Gaza, “another victim … is U.S. credibility, which has been damaged by what is at best inconsistency and at worst hypocrisy” …

… and Biden’s too-little, too-late concerns are driven by domestic political considerations:

The tactical mission of “Israel’s information warfare campaign is … to flood the public discourse with a stream of false, unsubstantiated, and unverifiable allegations”:

Indian authorities have bulldozed a mosque and religious school as well as Muslim residences …

… and failed to comply with a court order to provide counseling to students traumatized by an order to beat up “Mohammedans”:

“The actions of this individual do not in any way reflect the values of Hillel which, upon learning of these events, has terminated its relationship with that contractor”:

At the same time that it declared supremacy of the federal constitution, the court denied “was trying to curb the powers of Shariah courts”:

An organizer said that “the rally was planned to … [hold] the University accountable for its ‘complicity within the genocide’” in Gaza:

Denying any sophistication behind the strike, some US officials maintain, “throw enough munitions at well-defended targets and eventually some will get through”:






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