News and Analysis 2/11/24

The wounded girl  called her uncle to send an ambulance to rescue her. The IDF then killed the medics in the ambulance crew:

After “an unprecedented stoppage of all mobile phone services” during a parliamentary election …

… “Sharif’s party won the most seats by a single party,” but Khan’s supporters  who “ran as independents … after his party was barred from the polls, won the most seats overall”:

In its prelude to its assault on Rafah, Israel starves the population while serving up an appetizer of dozens of murders:

“We do value Palestinian lives, Biden is saying, after four months of not caring about Palestinian lives”:

“CPJ’s preliminary investigations showed at least 85 journalists and media workers were among the more than 28,000 killed since the war began”:

Protestors charge that MoMA’s “Board of Trustees directly fund Zionist occupation via arms manufacturing, lobbying, and corporate investment”:

“Finance Minister Smotrich … consistently hindered outpost evacuations in the past year”:






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