News and Analysis 2/13/24

The facts on the ground maker it clear that rescuing hostages and fighting terrorists is just an excuse for genocide:

According to the lawsuit, his “supervisor accused him of being intimidating toward two staff members, in part because he is an Arab man with dark features”:

“Violence that erupted after a mosque and school were demolished has killed six people and deepened religious divisions”:

In Netanyahu’s eyes, it is “inappropriate” and “highly problematic” for the U.S. to place sanctions on settlers’ violent aggression against innocent shepherds:

“Safa Aeli, 30, was sentenced to five years and four months in prison” for daring to blame the government for the death of his niece in their custody:

Victims include 78 Palestinians, 4 Israelis, and 3 Lebanese killed, 16 injured, 4 missing, 25 arrests and “Multiple assaults, threats, cyberattacks, censorship, and killings of family members.”:






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