News and Analysis 3/4/24

“Euro-Med Monitor affirmed that all of these violations are part of a larger Israeli effort to dehumanise every Palestinian in the Gaza Strip”:

The U.S.-Jordanian food drop may be too little too late, but it may signal that killing starving people seeking food is too much even for the Biden administration:

“[C]onfrontations broke out as Israeli forces stormed the camp, ‘during which live bullets were fired at Palestinian youths’” killing a 16-year old …

… “Occupation forces have attacked, detained, and killed Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem in increasing numbers since the war on Gaza began on October 7”:

“Rights activists have said getting bail under a UAPA case is nearly impossible, which means Sultan could stay in jail without trial indefinitely”:

“The concept of a racial state – the Hitlerian concept – is repugnant to the civilised world, as witness the fearful global war in which we are involved” — Lessing J Rosenwald, ACJ president in 1944 …

… but once the apartheid state came into being, it effectively suppressed Jewish critics …

…. and the intimidation continues today:

The authorities kept the polls open an extra six hours, yet the turnout was a record low:

“Hamas is willing to decrease the number of Palestinian prisoners released as part of a hostage deal if Israel agrees to allow more Palestinian civilians to return to northern Gaza”:






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