News and Analysis 3/9/24

The Iranian monarchists naturally oppose the Islamic regime that overthrew them, but they also tellingly oppose the democratic forces with equal vitriol:

To “unblock the aid, UNRWA had agreed to ‘allow controls, independent audits, to strengthen internal supervision and extra controls of personnel’”:

Eight artists altered their own works in protest against “YBCA’s censorship” and called for “the removal of Zionist YBCA funders and board members” …

… while in Austin the “list of artists boycotting official SXSW over the festival’s military ties continues to grow” …

… and in Hollywood:

“The panel ‘has established the existence of evidence of trauma to Ms. Amini’s body, inflicted while in the custody of the morality police,’ the report says” …

… but no one outdoes the Israelis at violence against women:

The U.S. denies responsibility for the parachute failure behind the fatal “humanitarian aid package” …

… but “has quietly approved and delivered more than 100 separate weapons sales to Israel over the last five months, amounting to … lethal aid”:

The former Google employee says he is “‘proud to be fired for refusing to be complicit in genocide”:

Israeli humor? Encouraging Gazans to “feed the hungry” as you starve them to death is not funny:






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