News and Analysis 3/11/24

Israel’s Ramadan greeting to Gaza is death …

… and to the West Bank, impeded entry to Al Aqsa:

“No matter how much we raise, whether it’s millions and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food and drinks, it is almost impossible to get it into Gaza”:

Ever wonder how many deaths are too many for Joe Biden? Sixty thousand:

“[T]hese shifts do not yet appear to represent a strategic change in America’s overall approach to the region”:

The law will allow illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship — as long as they are not Muslim:

The “Supreme Court unanimously reaffirmed that prisons may not forbid inmates from maintaining a beard for religious purposes,” yet an “Airman was isolated from the prison population”:

“Their faith and their devotion to Islam has not only opened my heart but has opened the hearts of millions of people around the world”:

“The ‘Great Israeli Real Estate Event’ has inflamed existing tensions in Teaneck, a town of approximately 41,000 residents and home to large Jewish and Muslim populations”:

Depressing accounts of Israeli cruelty:






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