News and Analysis (4/2/13)

The violence Myanmar takes its toll on schoolchildren …

… but arrested Buddhist monks are released after Video footage on YouTube shows monks actively involved in the attack on a Fashion Bug store, and a nationalist monk accuses the Muslim victims of provoking the Buddhists and offers a very non-Buddhist take on how to respond to the alleged provocation:

When Palestinian schoolchildren throw stones at armed occupation soldiers, their called terrorists, but when Israeli settlers injure unarmed Palestinian schoolchildren with stones, they get a pass:

Wondering how the US fell into its fiscal crisis? A Harvard study has the answer …

… and for those who still think the U.S. invaded Iraq for its oil, take note: the spoils go to China:

“There seems to be no limit to the Ethiopian government’s use of its anti-terrorism law and unfair trials to stop peaceful dissent” — Leslie Lefkow, HRW deputy Africa director:

The comedian “said he will hand himself in to the prosecutor’s office Sunday. He then added, with his typical sarcasm: ‘Unless they kindly send a police van today and save me the transportation hassle'”:

The proposed law would expand the current law barring “state employees from wearing prominent religious symbols such as Muslim headscarves, Jewish skullcaps or large Christian crosses in public schools, welfare offices or other government facilities” into the private sector:

“Hamas parliamentarians in Gaza acted alone to approve the new law, and the movement’s critics have for years accused it of trying to build a separate state in Gaza.” A “women’s rights activist in Gaza, said …, “To say that the old law did not respect the community’s traditions and that they [Hamas] wanted to reform people now is an insult to the community'”:

“The claim of responsibility and the boldness of the attack renews fears that al-Qaida’s local fighters are regrouping and have not been uprooted by a three-month-old French-led offensive” …

… while the senators’ junket hints at greater US involvement:

“Nobody from the Taliban side met with Karzai” — Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid:

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