News and Analysis 3/13/24

“Video footage showed Israeli forces beating worshippers walking to prayers at the holy site, while others were forbidden from entering”:

The Biden administration opposes a warrants requirement because it wants to spy on those who protest its complicity in genocide:

Eight senators “called on Biden to comply with Section 620I of the Foreign Assistance Act” …

… but can they overcome “Tel Aviv’s exceptional status in American weapons policy [that] shields it from scrutiny over alleged human rights abuses”:

The war on Gaza is a war on children:

“In addition to saturating the information environment with … state-sponsored disinformation, Israel has further isolated Gaza by deliberately targeting and destroying communications infrastructure” …

… yet, does the New York Times think it can ignore Israeli atrocities even as Israeli soldiers proudly post them social media?

“A supplemental funding bill in the U.S. Congress that includes military aid to Israel and Ukraine contains a provision that would block UNRWA from receiving funds if it becomes law”:

“Casualties mounting, with at least four Palestinians – including two minors – killed and dozens wounded”:

Rafiq falsely claimed “that the American branch of the Quilliam Foundation was a ‘completely separate’ organisation to the UK organisation that he was running”:






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