News and Analysis 3/18/24

“[W]itnessing the impunity with which Israel has wreaked murder and mayhem in Gaza, few Iraqis believe that the US will promote civil rights and democracy in their country”:

A list of AIPAC talking points claims that reports of starvation in Gaza  are just a “Hamas’ trap”:

As Israel denies the UNRWA chief entry to Gaza, it brands the “International Court of Justice (ICJ) emergency order for it to step up humanitarian aid, … ‘morally repugnant’” …

… but appears to find its own war on heath care to be morally attractive:

“Where Cyrus is said to have maintained peace in Babylon, protected their heritage and allowed people to return to their homes, Israel is doing the opposite”:

“Over five months into the Israeli mass atrocities on the Gaza Strip, … a meaningful and safe humanitarian response is made impossible by the government of Israel”:

“Barghouti being subjected to isolation, torture, humiliation in prison, says PLO”:

Did the Pentagon’s “‘direct and frank’ conversations in Niger” play a role in the junta’s decision?

“If anyone says something in keeping with their role as a Muslim leader that the government doesn’t like, they drop them” — Rabbi Warren Elf:

“More than 40 million Americans have left religion behind in the past twenty-five years. However, … the number of converts to Islam is roughly equal to the number of people leaving the religion”:






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