News and Analysis 3/20/24

The “top Hamas operative” Israel brags of killing was the police chief “coordinating the delivery of humanitarian aid to starving civilians in Gaza while restoring a semblance of social order to the north”:

FBI agents “offered to help remove him from the list if he agreed to become an FBI informant”:

The roughly 1.5 million Gazans in the territory’s southernmost tip have the Mediterranean Sea to their west and sealed borders to the south and east, while Israeli forces are poised to push in from the north”:

“[P]roblems have prompted lawmakers to question” the government’s role and to seek “to privatize the Hajj preparations”:

“[P]eople like [ journalist Howard Eric Jacobson ] Jacobson are acknowledging the massive levels of suffering in Gaza, but in the same breath demanding the world hears less about it”:

“[A]ny other community opening an eco-friendly cemetery would probably be celebrated”:

The British government tries “to silence and criminalise Muslim civil society for thought crimes … at a time when the same government is complicit in a genocide against Muslims in Gaza”:

“Whatever President Biden or Senator Chuck Schumer’s over-personalized rhetoric of impatience with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Biden administration opposes imposing a cease-fire on Israel”:

His supervisor, who had interviewed him for the job said, “I didn’t want to hire you. … I didn’t want no terrorists working with me”:






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